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Saturday, 22 January, 2022

Android 13 Tipped to Include Tap-to-Transfer Playback Feature Similar to Apple’s Handoff Feature

Although Android 13 is still a few months away, details of a new audio and media feature in the works for the next generation of Google's smartphone operating system have been leaked online. According to reports, Google is working on a new feature that would allow users to transfer material between devices. Apple's Handoff feature, which allows iPhone customers to move material to and from the company's HomePod speakers, might be comparable to this service. According to another rumor, Google is working on overhauling the operating system's output selection for media on Android 13.

Google is working on a feature to tell users on their Android phones (or "media cast sender" devices) of accessible audio devices (or "media cast receiver" devices) nearby, according to a prototype of a new user interface of a "Media Tap to Transfer" (TTT) workflow acquired by Android Police. According to the source, the capability might operate with Google's Casting protocol, which is utilized in Chromecast devices and smart speakers. It's also worth noting that Android Police's demo of the function shows a little on-screen chip instructing users to approach closer to the smartphone to play music.

According to the source, this indicates that the functionality might make use of technology on the user's smartphone, such as an Ultra-wideband (UWB) chip or Near Field Communication (NFC). Apple's Handoff feature presently allows comparable capabilities with HomePod speakers. It's unclear whether Google devices will be supported or if the feature will be available on other devices. Meanwhile, according to another rumor from Android Police, Google may be reworking the audio output selection for Android 13, the next version of the operating system.

The output picker is a new feature in Android 10 that allows users to choose from a list of nearby devices that can play music, such as smart speakers and wireless earbuds. Google looks to have given the new output picker rounder borders, revised volume sliders revealing the device's name, active devices are identified with a check, and unavailable devices are greyed out in the work-in-progress look shared by Android Police. Because the next version of Android will not be published for some months, it is too early to say whether the MTT feature will be accessible in its present form, or whether it will even make it into the next Android release.

Google might potentially opt to defer the functionality for a longer period of time, as it did with the scrolling screenshots feature in Android 11, which was not available in time for the release of Android 11. Similarly, before the next version of Android (or Android 13) is published later this year, the revised output selector might get changes or redesigns.

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