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RAWA SOFTWARE launches “BIHENEPAL APP”, helps Nepali singles around the globe find their perfect match

RAWA SOFTWARE launches “BIHENEPAL APP”, helps Nepali singles around the globe find their perfect match

Rawa Incorporated (better known as Rawa Software) officially launched the “Bihenepal App” to the public on the 24 th of February, 2022. The app launch has been supported by the presence of Chief Guest (Singer/Musician) Abhaya Subba Weise. The Bihenepal App is useful for everyone seeking a life partner or any form of long-term companionship. With the target of bringing all Nepali singles on one platform, Bihenepal now makes it easier for them to interact with one another specifically with the intention of forming a long-term commitment. Times are changing, all forms of work and networking are moving online and most of the dating scene has already shifted to online platforms around the world.

Bihenepal has been formed for Nepalis with our societal values and expectations around relationships and marriage. Available on both Play Store and App Store under the name 'Bihenepal', it is a free platform with a simple-to-navigate interface, making it easy for anyone to sign up and begin searching. "So, are Nepalis ready for the shift towards online dating and matrimony?" To answer this question, Bihenepal ran a test flight of its app beginning on October 27, 2021. Since then, more than three thousand users have already joined the network. Hopeful about finding their potential partner on this medium, their constructive feedback and suggestions have been incorporated into the Bihenepal vision.

Bihenepal was recently awarded as the 2nd runner-up during Nepal's GSEA 2022 organized by Entrepreneur's Organization. Online dating and matrimony is still a rare phenomenon in Nepali society, but this app is nowhere to set a trend and make the lives of those seeking life partners a hundred times easier. Rawa Incorporated, through its work in Rawa Software and Rawa Engineering, hopes to bring more innovation and change to the consumers. For anyone single and seeking commitment, Bihenepal will bring all potential partners to their fingertips. With this app, the chances of meeting the most compatible partner will skyrocket. For those already in happy relationships, Bihenepal will also be a community to celebrate these unions and promote healthy, harmonious relationships for a happier and healthier society.

Bihenepal Goal

Their goal is to bring all Nepali singles seeking long-term commitment to one platform.

About Bihenepal

BiheNepal is a matrimonial app tailor-made for Nepali society providing singles a platform to find their life partner. This is a network on which users are actively looking for a long-term relationship. Bihenepal app can be downloaded in App store and Google Play Store as well. Users can narrow down their search through multiple filters like age, education, gender and location. Once they find a suitable profile of interest, they will be able to connect and contact them via chat. This is the modern virtual dating spot to find the ideal life partner, here to revolutionize the way marriages are made in Nepal.


Having a wide range of eligible Nepali singles from around the world on one platform will allow better selection of a partner that fits the needs and expectations of the bachelor or bachelorette.


Users can request identity verification, by providing an official identity document (citizenship, driver's license, etc.) via the app. Our team manually looks through these and verifies users. Verified profiles receive a green checkmark allowing other users to know that the user's identity and age are reliable.


Search filters can help narrow down the major-specific categories, including criteria like age, education, location of residence, and more, so users can go through an easier search process.


As it is clear that every profile on the site is looking for a long-term commitment, there is no need to beat around the bush. Users can directly engage in the important conversations needed to form decisions around relationships and marriage. Finally, the app is free and hence accessible for all with no limits on any features, so the unlimited search and chat options available will surely help every user find a suitable match on this platform.


At the request of some of their users, they will soon launch the VIP Club for those who want to take their search one step further. BiheNepal VIP is an added paid feature within the Bihenepal app where users with a one-time entry fee of Rs. 49.000. Within the VIP module, club members have access to other VIP members as well as all the regular users but remain anonymous to the regular users until a match request is sent. They also get a VIP badge next to their names so they are more likely to get it, boosting their profile even further. Club members must compulsorily also submit their ID and qualification documents, and verify their identity.

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