शनिबार, २० जेठ, २०८०
Saturday, 03 June, 2023

Fusemachines inaugurates new office in Kathmandu, US Ambassador to Nepal Randy Berry and other dignitaries attended the inauguration   

Fusemachines, the leading enterprise AI talent solutions provider, announced today the inauguration of its new office in Devkota Sadak, Baneshwor, Kathmandu. The program was attended by Fusemachines employees and dignitaries from Nepal and international organizations and universities.

The inauguration commenced with a ribbon-cutting ceremony from Ambassador Berry, followed by presentations from Fusemachines Founder and CEO Dr. Sameer Maskey, Dolma Impact Fund CEO and Founder Tim Gocher,  IME Group Co-Founder and Managing Director Hem Raj Dhakal and Business Oxygen Chairman and CEO Siddhant Pandey. 

The inauguration event was chaired by His Excellency Randy Berry, the United States ambassador to Nepal.

“This inauguration marks a momentous occasion for Fusemachines, and I am confident the new space will breathe fresh energy among the members of the Fusemachines family in Nepal,” said Mr. Maskey. “We started with a small team a decade ago. Today we have grown to an employee base of over 300 people, proudly delivering high quality AI training and opportunities in and outside Nepal and solving mission-critical enterprise AI needs.” 

Fusemachines is an early and active proponent of democratizing AI, and strives to make AI education accessible globally.

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in New York with operations across North and Latin America and Asia, Fusemachines provides Enterprise AI talent Solutions. Under the leadership of CEO Sameer Maskey, Ph.D., Adjunct Associate Professor at Columbia University, we bring together engineers and PhDs from around the world to develop and drive AI strategies, create cutting-edge AI-powered solutions and act as strategic partners for companies that need help realizing their digital transformation visions.

The new office is approximately 30,000 sq feet, including four floors, complete with a backyard and rooftop space, and features recreation area and breakout rooms. The demand for qualified engineers is higher than ever, as the largest tech companies push their uses and applications, making them more relevant in our daily lives. We seek to find and nurture talented engineers worldwide and bring them into the global AI market to enable this disruption. For more information, please visit www.fusemachines.com


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