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Saturday, 03 December, 2022
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TWITTER: Twitter testing search subscribe feature that will send push notifications for search terms

Twitter is apparently developing a tool dubbed "Search Subscribe," which would allow users to receive push alerts for new tweets that match a search term they choose. Dylan Roussel, a developer, discovered the functionality. Roussel's screenshots show Twitter's bell notification indicator on the search bar in the mobile app.

You may submit a search query and sign up for push alerts when relevant tweets are published, according to Roussel. Roussel has yet to get a notice for any of the search queries to which he has subscribed. This might be because the functionality is currently under development and not yet operational. It has currently only been discovered in the most recent version of Twitter Alpha.

A similar feature is offered on Twitter's own TweetDeck online interface, which allows you to create a column for a specific search phrase. With reports that Twitter is considering making TweetDeck an exclusive function for paid Twitter Blue members, it is plausible that the company is testing Search Subscribe as a premium option. Search Subscribe might be Twitter's equivalent of Google Alerts.

Of course, because this is an Alpha feature, we have no idea when or if it will be available. But, if it does, it might be very valuable for people who are interested in a specific subject or issue and want to be kept up to speed on advances in that field. Furthermore, because the function is not yet completely operational, its mechanisms are unclear.

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