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5 Useful Mobile Apps in Nepal

5 Useful Mobile Apps in Nepal

In the market, there are lots of new apps for businesses starting up. Especially in Nepal, many small IT companies are offering services, and some are doing well while others are facing challenges.

Today, we looked at a few apps in Nepal and learned what they do.

1. Foodmandu


Image Source: foodmandu.com

Foodmandu is the quickest, simplest, and most convenient way to have delicious food from your favorite restaurants delivered to your home, office, or wherever you are.

Foodmandu has already reached over 200,000 new customers. This company is based in the capital city, Kathmandu. You can easily visit their website at foodmandu.com.

2. Hamropatro


Image Source: hamropatro.com

Hamro Patro is a popular smartphone app in Nepal, that serves as a calendar with a wide range of additional features. By the year 2022, it had already achieved an impressive milestone, having been downloaded over ten million times.

The primary function of Hamro Patro is to provide users with a Nepali calendar, allowing them to stay on track with important dates, festivals, and events in the Nepali calendar system.

In addition to its calendaring capabilities, Hamro Patro offers several other useful features that cater to users' diverse interests and needs. One of these features is the news section, where users can access the latest updates and stay informed about local and global events.

The app also includes a horoscope feature, providing daily astrological predictions for those interested in astrology and seeking insights into their zodiac signs.

Overall, Hamro Patro's widespread popularity can be attributed to its user-friendly interface and its ability to provide a comprehensive set of features that meet the needs of its users, making it an essential app for Nepali smartphone users.

3. Zaaou Service


Image source: web.zaaou.com

Zaaou is a fantastic tool for empowering multivendor online businesses with its powerful features. It offers a complete package that makes online ordering and delivery simpler and smarter than ever before. With outstanding features jam-packed into the platform, Zaaou takes your online business to new heights. It's the perfect time to utilize Zaaou's powerful capabilities and enhance your multivendor online business. In essence, Zaaou is the delivery service near you that can transform and improve your online business operations. you can check this app here: web.zaaou.com

4. Esewa


Image source: www.esewa.com.np

eSewa is on a mission to offer a secure, integrated, and all-inclusive payment process for businesses and associations. They go the extra mile to assist customers, banks, and merchants, ensuring top-notch customer service and risk management.

5. Merojob


Image source: merojob.com

Since its launch in 2009, Merojob has become one of the top job providers in Nepal, with over 300 million page views. It serves as a bridge connecting employers with job seekers, offering reliable recruiting strategies and skilled management in Nepal.

Merojob has built a strong reputation as a trustworthy platform for both employers and job seekers. Through their website, they bring together job opportunities and potential candidates, making the job search process more accessible and efficient.

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