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5 Benefits of Installing SSL On A Website

5 Benefits of Installing SSL On A Website

Author: Suman Kumar Phuyal


Founder of Suman Infotech

SSL, which stands for secure sockets layer, is a safety method that uses both one-way and two-way encryption to make internet communication safe. It helps protect data from being seen by unauthorized people when it's sent between a person's computer and a website's server. This article will talk about five good things that happen when you put SSL on a website.


Example of SSL viewing from the browser

Five good things that happen when you put SSL on a website.

Here are the five benefits of adding SSL to your website:

1. Enhanced Security:

SSL makes sure that the website and the users' browsers can talk safely with each other. It keeps important things like login info, personal details, and credit card numbers safe from people who shouldn't see them. SSL also makes sure that the data going between the server and the user can't be listened to or taken by bad guys.

2. Building trust and credibility

Once you put SSL on a website, you'll see SSL certificates there. These certificates make a padlock show up and change the website's URL to start with "https." This tells people the website is safe and protected. It helps users feel confident that their info is safe, and this makes them trust your site more.

3. Advantages of SEO

There are many things that affect how a website shows up in search results. Google and other search engines think that having SSL is important and can make a website show up higher. Websites with SSL certificates usually get a better position in search results compared to ones without.

4. Adherence to Data Protection Regulations

Using SSL encryption is really important to follow rules about protecting information, like the General Data Protection Regulation. When you set up SSL, it makes sure data is sent securely and keeps out people who shouldn't see it. This also lowers the chance of getting in trouble with the law or having to pay fines.

5. Safe Online Transactions

If your website does online buying or selling, you really need SSL. It makes sure payments are safe and stops bad people from getting financial info. This keeps customers from being cheated or having their identity stolen. Also, SSL keeps your password and other info safe. So, SSL is super important for making your website trusted. Its main job is to keep private info safe and make sure the internet is private too.


In conclusion, SSL not only fortifies security but also cultivates trust, enhances visibility, ensures compliance, and promotes safe online transactions, making it an indispensable element for building a trusted and secure online presence.

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