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Friday, 03 December, 2021

Google Search Results Will Now Be Displayed in a Continuous Scroll on Mobile

Google Search is undergoing a shift that will allow users to browse through results indefinitely on mobile devices. When users scroll to the bottom of a results page, Google Search on mobile will now automatically display more results. While browsing a set of Google Search results on mobile, the new functionality launched by the search giant will eliminate the need to click on a button to receive additional results.

On the United States, continuous scrolling will be accessible first in the Google mobile app for iOS and Android. On Thursday, Google announced the launch of continuous scrolling in a blog post. With the advent of continuous scrolling on mobile devices, Google claims to be making viewing search results more smooth and intuitive. When a user approaches the bottom of a search results page on their phone, the following set of results will immediately load with relevant data without the user needing to click the see more button in the search window.

People who often visit several pages to obtain more search results will benefit from the new Google Search function. Beginning October 14, Google announced that the new update would be gradually rolled out for most English mobile searches in the United States. Google's applications have been receiving upgrades on a regular basis. The search giant redesigned the Google Search results page on mobile earlier this year to make searching easier and faster for consumers. Bringing information into focus, making language simpler to read, giving more breathing room, utilizing color to show what's essential, and leaning into the "Googley" atmosphere were the five key components of the makeover.

Likewise, Google recently introduced an instrument tuner to its search engine, allowing users to tune their guitars without having to download an app. The new integrated tuner uses the device's microphone, much like any other guitar tuning software available on various app stores. The function is now available, and users can find it by putting "Google tuner" into the Google Search box.

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