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Friday, 03 December, 2021

Microsoft Edge to Get Leaked Password Tool, Battery-Saving Efficiency Mode, and Price Tracking Improvements

Microsoft Edge will gain three new features that will improve their browsing experience while also protecting their personal information. The first feature attempts to streamline the process of resetting a leaked password; the second feature is an efficiency mode that aids users in power conservation while on battery power. As part of an upgrade to the browser's shopping feature, Microsoft also unveiled an updated price tracker that would alert users to online deals.

In a blog post on the Windows Experience Blog, the firm revealed that it was enhancing two Microsoft Edge tools, Password Health Dashboard and Password Monitor, to allow users to swiftly replace stolen passwords. Users will be able to reset their password on a site where their credentials have been exposed with a single click inside the password settings, thanks to the new "quick update" option. On Microsoft Edge, go to the three-dot menu > Settings > Passwords and click Change next to the impacted password.

On supported websites, clicking this button will transport the user to the appropriate password change screen, where Edge will suggest a new password and save it to the user's account. The second feature unveiled by Microsoft is a pricing monitoring function that will be integrated into Edge and will keep track of things that users view when browsing the Web. When a discount is spotted, the price-tracking tool will monitor these product listings for price changes and send out an alert. On both Android and desktop browsers, Edge already has the ability to search for discounts and coupons on webpages, including Microsoft's own shop, and the tracking capability has been launched just in time for the holiday season, according to the firm.

Microsoft hasn't said if the function would be enabled by default, but users who don't want to be monitored when browsing the Web may be able to turn it off. When working with many tabs on a laptop that isn't plugged in, Microsoft Edge can be a resource-intensive browser. On Edge, the business has now implemented a new efficiency mode that reduces system resource utilization like as CPU and RAM, conserving battery life. When utilizing the new efficiency mode, users will notice a speed penalty owing to the reduced resource utilization, although the functionality might be useful when using laptops that aren't charged. According to Microsoft, the function will be enabled when a device's battery is low, but users who do not want it may disable it by going to the three-dot menu > Settings > System and performance and selecting the Turn on efficiency mode option on Microsoft Edge.


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