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Friday, 03 December, 2021

Twitter has fixed the issue of disappearing tweets on iOS

Twitter has released an update for its iOS app that addresses a glitch that caused users' tweets to vanish when they tried to view them on the app. The problem, which impacted users throughout the microblogging site, was first fixed on November 15 on the Twitter Web service. Users of the Twitter app for iPhone and iPad will now be able to pause when scrolling to read a tweet while it remains on their timeline if they update their app.

New answers to a conversation on Twitter were shown to be the cause of tweets abruptly disappearing from view while a user was reading them on the timeline, according to the microblogging service. The firm tweeted, "Now when you pause your timeline scrolling to look at a Tweet, it should remain still!" After a patch for the Web version of Twitter was released on November 15, the problem has now been resolved for the Twitter app for iPhone and iPad. Twitter has not stated when a patch for the vanishing tweet issue for Android smartphones and tablets would be released.

Users will be able to control when new tweets appear on their timeline by pressing the tweet counter bar at the top of the timeline, Twitter said earlier this month. The remedy come two months after the firm disclosed the problem in September, according to Twitter's chronology. Other notable modifications to the service's applications include the recent decision to stop supporting Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) (AMP). Support for referring readers to AMP versions of items on the web has begun to be phased off by the corporation.

Twitter's Android app was upgraded last month to provide the option to choose between bright and dark themes based on the system theme. While users could change the theme manually or automatically with the "automatic at sunset" option, the "use device settings" feature added for Android in October brought the app up to speed with its iOS version, which already had the same capabilities.

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