शनिबार, ८ माघ, २०७८
Saturday, 22 January, 2022

Dursikshya Education Network to host a five-day hackathon workshop, program provides youth the information about modern technology

The Dursikshya Education Network is an organization dedicated to developing modern-day manpower. Founded in 2020 vision of transforming education, Dursikshya has been working in providing online training for Digital Marketing, Cloud Computing, Project Management, Data Science, IT Service Management and others.

The Dursikshya Education will host a five-day hackathon workshop beginning 30th of November, 2021 i.e. tomorrow onwards to help students become more familiar with modern technology. The workshop will teach participants how to build robots and drones as well as provide information on robots and drones. They anticipate that this program will provide the youth with a wealth of information about modern technology.

The Dursikshya , which is located in the heart of Kathmandu, has been providing various trainings by experienced teachers while keeping in mind the students' interests, needs, and convenience. This organization has been assisting students in finding suitable employment even after they have completed the training as well as learning the skills.

The invention of the robot has made life much easier for humans as the modern age has progressed. By assisting humans with simple tasks, robots have become even more capable of performing tasks that humans cannot. As the use of robots is growing by the day in Nepal, a significant amount of money has been invested in their development and construction. In addition, robots can perform tasks without causing any problems or errors in any environment. Robots have been used in a variety of applications, ranging from development to sports and entertainment.


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