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Saturday, 22 January, 2022

CANON: Canon printers now think Canon’s own toner is fake!!!

Canon is now receiving a taste of its own medicine. Canon's own toner cartridges are now being identified as fakes, requiring the business to teach consumers how to circumvent its own DRM (via Techdirt). Canon is "now encountering difficulty in procuring some electronic components that are utilized in our consumables for our multifunction printers," according to the company's own support page (Europe, Germany).

In other words, Canon has been affected by the huge chip shortage as well - the components Canon is lacking are the DRM for its own toner cartridges, not the ones that power video gaming consoles or your Tesla's USB connection. But wait, says Canon, there's an easy remedy! Have you read all of our cautions concerning the possibility that your toner cartridge is "malfunctioning"? Don't pay attention to them. Simply press the close button, and you're done:

If you're expecting to use an approved-bypassing-of-DRM on your inkjet home printer, you could be out of luck – the list of "affected models" on Canon's website only includes Canon's large business multifunction printers (MFP). According to Techdirt, Canon is presently facing a lawsuit for alleged activity that appears to be much more heinous than standard DRM tricks: David Leacraft of Queens alleges that his Canon Pixma All-in-One printer won't even scan papers until it has ink. Although Canon has yet to respond to the complaint in court, many posts on Canon's official support forums indicate that the absurd limitation is true. 

Of order to use the printer's functionalities, all of the ink tanks in the PIXMA MG6320 must be installed and filled with ink." This problem can be solved by replacing the empty ink tank with a fresh one. In 2020, one representative noted, "There is no workaround for this." "You will not be able to use the machine until the ink is changed if you receive a 'Ink Out' message," they said in 2016. The lawsuit is attempting to get class-action status, and we'll keep you updated if it succeeds.

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