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Saturday, 22 January, 2022

Firefox 96 brings noise improvements, history highlights, bookmarks on Android and more: Details

Mozilla has launched Firefox 96, the most recent version of their browser, which includes a number of new features and bug fixes. Firefox 96 is currently available for both desktop and mobile devices. Mozilla improved noise suppression and auto-gain-control in the newest release to improve audio and video conversations. Echo-cancellation has also been improved by the manufacturer. Firefox 96 will bring a new history highlights feature to Android users. It will display websites that have been visited recently.

Separately, Firefox users on both Mac and Windows have reported that they are having trouble loading any page. According to user comments on Twitter and Reddit, a rising number of Firefox users are experiencing issues with sites failing to load and receiving no status information. Noise-suppression, auto-gain-control, and echo-cancellation have all been improved in Mozilla's first Firefox release of the year for desktop. The desktop version of Firefox 96 focuses on decreasing the stress on the main thread as well.

It will most likely aid the browser's performance on older and slower computers. Furthermore, with the new version, Firefox will assign a SameSite=lax property to all cookies by default. This, according to Mozilla, will help protect against Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) threats. Security flaws in previous versions of Firefox have been addressed in this upgrade. Command-clicking links in Gmail on macOS now opens in a new tab with the newest update. On certain sites, it has resolved difficulties with numerous video playbacks and video quality loss. It also resolves the issue where WebRTC reduces the resolution of screen sharing.

Mozilla has temporarily disabled unattached video in fullscreen on macOS to avoid issues like as brightness changes, missing subtitles, and other issues. The latest Firefox 96 version for Android includes history highlights, which display recently visited websites. Additionally, the graphics displayed for recent bookmarks on the home page have been improved. The update improves the "Fill link from clipboard" feature and addresses a bug with private tabs' interface. Selecting'search group' in 'Jump back in' changes to an active tab, according to Mozilla's current version.

The history delete option is properly labeled for screen readers, and duplicate history entries have been combined. The update corrects a problem that occurred while browsing bookmarks. When navigating Home behind the search dialog, users can also dismiss the keyboard. Separately, some Mozilla Firefox users are reporting a bug that prevents websites from loading at the moment on the company's help forums, Twitter, and Reddit. According to reports, the problem is caused by an endless loop defect in Firefox's HTTP3 implementation.

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