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F1Soft Group, a driving force digitizing Nepal’s financial services since 2004!!!

F1Soft Group, a driving force digitizing Nepal’s financial services since 2004!!!

F1Soft Group is a digital ecosystem of goods and services that makes financial services more accessible to Nepali customers and allows them to participate in the formal digital economy in easy, inexpensive, and safe ways. They are a Digital Financial Services (DFS) holding firm with more than 16 years of expertise in various incarnations. They've spent more than a decade developing DFS products and services, and they're pleased to have created Nepal's first online payment gateway and digital wallet.

The F1Soft Group is a mobile banking pioneer and a trusted technology partner to more than 50 Nepali banks and financial institutions.

They now have a staff of 700+ young people with experience in technology and management, distributed across 11 sectors but united by a passion for digital finance. Their team consists of competent engineers, inventors, and creative disruptors who are all working toward a same goal of serving every Nepali person on a daily basis. In a $30 billion economy, Nepal's digital financial penetration rate is chronically low, with best estimates ranging from 2% to 3% of total transaction volume. Despite the fact that the banking system is becoming more computerized, 51% of the country's population remains unbanked. However, about 70% of Nepal's population is under 40 years old and well-educated.


The penetration rate of mobile phones is above 130 percent, and the cost of mobile internet (data) has dropped by 20 times in the last five years, making it more inexpensive and accessible to the majority. F1Soft believes that Nepal is approaching a digital tipping point that will save billions of dollars in wasted transaction costs and economic rents due to increased transparency. Furthermore, leveraging technology to enable quick and inexpensive access to financial services is a key contributor to economic growth, particularly for a landlocked and geopolitically challenged country like Nepal. To support Nepal's digital transformation, F1Soft has been steadily establishing an ecosystem of digital goods and services.

All of their offerings, whether as a core asset or as a value addition, are meant to integrate into and contribute to this ecosystem.

With the addition of new pathways, innovations, and technology, the ecosystem continues to evolve. However, it will continue to exist in order to achieve their goal of being a household brand that every Nepali utilizes every day to satisfy their digital financial demands. By 2020, the total number of mobile banking subscribers utilizing F1Soft's platform will have surpassed 10 million. On eSewa, the total number of registered users has surpassed 3 million. The central bank granted Fonepay Payment Service a Payment Service Operator (PSO) license, making it Nepal's first mobile payment network. In the fonepay network, the total number of retail businesses accepting QR payments has surpassed 100,000.


F1Soft has announced FoneLoan, a digital finance solution allowing banks to give short-term rapid loans via mobile banking. The F1 Soft group has established itself as the leader in Nepalese digital financial services, with the objective of "connecting individuals to digital financial services in easy, accessible, and safe ways." They are working with a variety of partners to improve and optimize Nepal's financial services industry. F1 Soft Group is a diversified financial services company that assists Nepali people in gaining access to financial services in a simple, cost-effective, and safe manner. They have 16 years of operational experience and have spent over a decade developing DFS products and services.



It is one of F1 Soft Group's most well-known brands, having become a household name with more than 3 million active users, 50+ bank partners, 100k+ merchants, and 85K+ agents. eSewa, Nepal's first digital wallet, was launched in 2009. The Nepal Rastra Bank has granted it a Payment Service Provider license. It is Nepal's most popular payment gateway, with over 3 million users across the country. eSewa not only allows you to send and receive money, but it also provides a solution for utility payments, online shopping, EMIs, travel tickets, and movie tickets, among other things.



Fonepay is a digital payment processor that connects customers, banks, and merchants to make mobile and digital payments possible.

It is also Nepal's first payment service operator, having been granted a license by the Nepal Rastra Bank.

The payments may be made in-store with fone pay. Customers can pay merchants by scanning the QR code that is available at the merchant outlet in printed form or from the app. Users can also make online payments such as utility payments, movie tickets, and flight tickets, as well as transfer funds from one bank to another using their mobile or account number.


Cogent Health Pvt ltd:

During the COVID 19 pandemic, it also developed a Smart swasthya app, which allows users to self-assess their COVID 19 scan using MOPH and WHO recommendations.

For more than a decade, Cogent Health Pvt ltd has been involved in the medical industry. In 2018, F soft group purchased it. It intends to modernize the healthcare business in Nepal, transforming how health data is stored and used. SISH (Software for Integrated Services in Hospital), a popular EMR (Electronic Medical Record) with inbuilt CDSS (Clinical Decision Support System), CPOE (Computerized Physician Order Entry), and data mining modules, was created by Cogent Health.


Diyalo Technology:

Diyalo Technology was founded in 2012 and bought by F1 Soft Group in 2018 with the goal of developing software solutions to aid small businesses and communities in their digitization efforts. Its featured goods are Bus Sewa, E Lekha, and Watermark.


Darshan tech:

Darshan Tech is an insurance company that was founded in 2010 and was purchased by the F1 sot group in 2018. It works with Nepal's top insurance firms to automate and digitize their payments and processes. Customers include Asian Life Insurance, Gurans Life Insurance, Reliance Life Insurance, Beema Samiti, Citizen Life Insurance, and Prabhu Life.


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