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SNAPCHAT: Snapchat\'s AR Camera reaching short-video app MX TakaTak

SNAPCHAT: Snapchat\'s AR Camera reaching short-video app MX TakaTak

Snapchat parent company Snap has expanded its collaboration with ShareChat's Moj to include its AR Camera Kit in the short-video app MX TakaTak. The MX TakaTak app will now be able to access new camera experiences enabled by Snapchat's augmented reality (AR) technology as a result of the new shift. The connection will also assist ShareChat in increasing user retention and app duration over time. Beginning this month, content makers will be able to employ the AR glasses identical to those available to Snapchat users via the MX TakaTak app.

This will aid in the enhancement of their short movies using AR-based effects. "Content creators will be able to create new experiences using the AR features that Snap's Camera Kit will weave into the TakaTak app," said Anubhav Nayyar, Director of Platform Partnerships (APAC) at Snap, in a prepared statement. Nayyar went on to say that the collaboration will allow MX TakaTak to better interact with both content creators and platform users.

Snap collaborated with ShareChat last year to bring its augmented reality experiences into the Moj app. According to ShareChat Chief Product Officer Amit Zunjarwad, the earlier integration contributed to "high adoption" among users. However, the CEO did not disclose any details on the adoption. "We are certain that this integration on TakaTak will also assist creators in bringing their fantastic ideas to life through unique lenses," Zunjarwad stated.

ShareChat announced the merging of MX TakaTak and Moj in order to increase its footprint in the market of short-video applications in February. At the time, the business stated that the merged platform will have 100 million producers, 300 million monthly active users, and approximately 250 billion monthly video views. At the time of the merger announcement, ShareChat mentioned the inclusion of Snap filters to MX TakaTak. The app would also continue to function as a separate platform, according to the corporation.

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