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Adobe announces updates to Substance 3D for enhancing metaverse experiences

Adobe announces updates to Substance 3D for enhancing metaverse experiences

Adobe Substance 3D received substantial improvements today, allowing developers to improve the immersive experience. Users may utilize Adobe Substance 3D apps to develop, capture, and texture 3D elements, as well as compose and render 3D scenes. "As their 3D and immersive content development skills expand, smart businesses are becoming "metaverse-ready." That means creative artists with 3D experience have a plethora of prospects," said Scott Belsky, chief product officer and executive vice president of Adobe Creative Cloud, during a customer event in Paris.

Adobe announced several upgrades to the Substance 3D Collection, including support for Native Apple M-series CPUs in Substance Painter, Designer, and Sampler, allowing 3D content producers to work quicker than ever before. All three tools are part of the Substance 3D Collection, which is the only complete solution for 3D graphics and experiences. A new Substance 3D Materials SDK has also been released, allowing developers to create their own plugins and integrate the Substance 3D Material and Model engines into other programs.

A Substance Materials Plugin in Photoshop has been launched for Photoshop users, joining an existing plugin for Illustrator – which is already used by hundreds of thousands of Illustrator users – and helps save users time by eliminating numerous steps required to create texture and design variations and 3D effects. Meanwhile, the business announced research initiatives that would fuel future Metaverse experiences.

Adobe Research and Adobe Commerce have released new AR and 3D shopping tools that bring rich web information to the in-store purchasing experience. Customers may use their mobile devices to scan items to obtain tailored shopping insights, product pricing comparisons, reviews, and product details. This enables customers to make better in-store purchase decisions and provides businesses with the capabilities to respond to customers' requirements in real time. This technology may also be used by B2B enterprises to improve warehousing.

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