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We don\'t take commission from the drivers till six months, even after that it will be less compared to others: Pavit Nanda (Interview)

We don\'t take commission from the drivers till six months, even after that it will be less compared to others: Pavit Nanda (Interview)

Lately, ride sharing has been gaining popularity in Nepal. Some time ago, the international ride sharing service provider company 'In-Driver' had also entered the Nepali market. There are 100 million users of Indriver operating in 42 countries including Nepal. Indriver, which has started service in Kathmandu Valley, has announced that it will not take commission for at least six months.

In this regard, Kamal KC had a conversation with Pavit Nanda , South Asia Public Relations Manager of Indriver for ICT Samachar via email:

Ride Sharing Platform InDriver is available in Nepal. What exactly is InDriver? What services does it provide?

InDriver is an international ride-hailing service which connects drivers and passengers, and allows them to independently agree on all the terms of each trip.

InDriver's unique model enables passengers to offer their price for a selected route and get counter-offers directly from nearby drivers. In turn, drivers have the freedom to decide for themselves which ride requests suit them best, and can suggest their own prices.

Other ride sharing platforms are also in operation in Nepal. What is the difference between those ride-sharing platforms and InDriver?

Unlike other ride-hailing apps, where algorithms determine pricing, InDriver offers a unique service by allowing passengers and drivers to independently negotiate the fare of the ride. If the passenger receives multiple offers, they can take their pick based on the driver's ETA, rating, price and vehicle model. The driver can also choose a particular order based on the price and distance, the passenger's rating, the pick-up location and the number of inDriver trips the customer has already taken.

Currently you are providing the service only in Kathmandu. In a short time, inDriver has also become popular. Do you plan to start your service in other cities of the country?

Yes, over time, we will launch our services in other cities of Nepal.

In-Driver has been providing ride sharing, courier, intercity and shipping services. What different forms of services are in operation in Nepal?

In Kathmandu, we offer ride-hailing, intercity and courier services.

Initially, you had announced that no commission will be taken from Riders for six months. After the completion of the specified time-frame, what percentage of commission will the company take?

Yes, for at least the first six months of operation in Nepal, inDriver will not charge drivers a fee, meaning they will receive the entire fare of every ride (excluding applicable taxes and tolls). Thereafter, the fee for drivers will be significantly lower than that of other ride-hail services operating throughout the city and will remain under 10%.

What are the benefits of using inDriver? Are you planning to offer some other new features?

The benefit of using inDriver is that both passengers and drivers can negotiate the fare of a ride. If a passenger receives multiple offers at the same price, the person can make his or her choice based on the driver's estimated time of arrival, the price, the vehicle model and the driver's rating.

Basically, inDriver is a service that allows drivers and passengers to find each other and to independently agree on all the terms of each trip. A passenger can use our app to find offers and get counter offers directly from nearby drivers. In turn a driver has the right to decide for himself which ride request suits him and suggest its own prices. We will keep you updated on any new features we will be adding in the future.

Would you like to say something to Nepalese users at the end?

With inDriver, you are the one to decide how much to pay for your ride. Indicate a fair price for your route, get offers from drivers and start saving on rides! If you are looking for a fair deal on your next ride, book it with inDriver and experience the difference.

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