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Nepali Patro now lets you view the read count of the trending news

Nepali Patro now lets you view the read count of the trending news

If you want to keep up with the latest news, breaking news, updates from Nepal and the world, 'Nepali Patro' has released updated version 6.4.2 on Android and version 6.3.0 on iOS with new news features. Nepal's first community app 'Nepali Patro' has been providing breaking news alerts, discussions, special interviews, analysis, feature stories from Nepal's most reliable media sources under the news feature. 10 new useful updates have been added to the news feature with a new design based on user experience.

Even before this new version, personalized features have been added to the theme of 'It's awesome' to be more organized and easier to manage. By logging in, the user will receive only the media houses of his favorite news sources and only the materials of his interest.

About the new update, Santosh Devkota, CEO of 'Nepali Patro', says, "In this latest update of the Nepali Patro news section, you will get more convenience and experience from live news websites, newspapers, television online versions all in one place in a smart way. News about politics, sports, elections, business, entertainment or many other topics can be obtained with just one click, so something new has been used in this update to make the news reading experience more organized. It's really fun! Don't delay to update your favorite and Nepal's first community app ' Nepali Patro'.


What's in the new update of Nepali Patro'?

New Design: Simple, clean and improved different design is the feature of the new update. The main features of which are included in the upper part of the main page. For example, in this section, from searching for news to bookmarking news, news notification and language settings, a smooth tab with 9 themes (categories) is attached. In the lower part of the same tab, trending topics are included in circular icons with pictures respectively.

Bookmark: Thematic news items of your choice are not just news, they are also important information about a period, time, special moment, investigative, factual. Many people keep the news links of such materials in a notepad, somewhere in an email. The solution to this is the bookmark feature. Bookmark feature can be used even if Nepali Patro is logged in or not. Any news bookmarked and saved by logged in users and non-logged in users will be found in the same condition if they log in with the same login ID in the future, if bookmarked users without logging in, if they reinstall Nepali Patro for some reason or change their mobile phone. If you install a new Nepali Patro, saved bookmarks will not be visible.

Useful footer tab: Similarly, the footer section includes news, trending, for you, notification and other features. The news tab shows the latest news from various news sources covering 9 themes (categories), while the trending tab shows the most read and trending news in the Nepali Patro app.

Trending news: Trending news of Nepali Patro app has been published for the first time in Nepal based on the number of clicks and access of many people for those who are looking for trending and popular news content and like trending news. Through the eye symbol painted on each news cover, the newly updated news site shows you which trending news how many users have read and viewed the number with the eye symbol on the picture of each trending news.


Third Footer Tab: The third feature of the footer section is the (personalization) feature for you and it's awesome. Through this, the user can choose different news sources to see the news only from reliable news sources that he likes, and he can also choose news from the topics (categories) of his choice. For this, it is necessary to login to the news service of Nepali Patro through Facebook, Google or email ID. Fourth footer tab: Notifications are placed in it. Not everyone may like the notification. As a smart solution for those users, the 'Saved Notification' feature has been announced.

For both types of users who do not like receiving notifications on their mobile set or who are worried that I have missed an important notification today, it includes the facility of 'Saved Notification', which is unconditionally organized and does not make noise. In which the users who watch the news by turning off the notification can go to the notification tab at any time according to their time and get the notification of the important news of the day.

If the news displayed on this notification tab is not clicked or not read, there is a circle with blue color on the news photo as a signal, then the blue circle will be removed only when you click on the news notification. This feature will remind you which notifications you have read or not read.

Fifth Footer Tab: Other latest updates, features and innovations of "Nepali Patro" will be included in this 'Other' tab as various features.

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