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\'Startup and Idea Fest\' going to be held at Kathmandu, free entry for attendees

\'Startup and Idea Fest\' going to be held at Kathmandu, free entry for attendees

'Startup and Idea Fest' program is going to be held in Kathmandu on 18th and 19th of Kartik. More than 100 startups and innovations will participate in the fest to be held at Baneshwor Banquet in Kathmandu. Living with ICT has already selected more than 40 startups and ideas from outside Kathmandu by organizing the fest in all seven provinces.

The Startup Fest to be held in Kathmandu is the eighth event of this year, in which more than 40 startups from outside Kathmandu and 100 startups, products and innovations including the best 12 selected from the ICT Award 2022 competition will participate.

In this fest, new technologies and innovations developed by various organizations, robots, drones and rocket science equipment will also be on display.

King's College will conduct a 3-day bootcamp for more than 40 startup and idea founders who will participate from outside Kathmandu. Similarly, visits and mentoring sessions will also be conducted in various IT companies.

The best 12 startups, products and rising star innovations selected from the competition of Infodevelopers ICT Award 2022 will also participate in the fest. They will also have the facility of direct voting by observers.

The best 12 startups, products and rising star innovations will also participate in the presentation and speed dating session on the same day to select the best 5. Apart from this, the organizers have informed that if there are other good innovations, then they can participate as well.

Startups and innovations can be registered through the website nepalistartup.com . The organizer said that no fee will be charged to anyone attending the fest.

Among the top 12 startups are Aria Technology, BIC Technology, Bihe Nepal, Cura Health, Danson Solutions, Digital Learning Nepal, Fresh KTM Agro, Kaincho Group, Monal Tech, Pick and Drop, Red Tail Fox and Ringage Tech.

The top 12 products include BDMS Pro, Bihe Nepal, Decision Mentor, Dino CRM, Finpus, Galli Maps, Loan Automation System (Credit X Micro), Ringage Voice Broadcasting School Works Pro, Smart Office, Tig and Bhairav ​​Trident.

Top 12 student-made innovations include Ask Mattrab, Commercialization of Autonomous Eagle Eye on Manned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), Business App, MeasureMe.AI, Mero Swasthya, Nayan, Neptou, Python Voice Assistant, Sarang, Sol-Bin, Teascan and SpastaNepali.

45 digital startups in the startup category of ICT Award, 36 ICT products in the product category and 52 young people's innovative ideas applied in the Rising Star Innovation category of ICT Award, which is known as one of the most prestigious award in the field of information and communication technology.

Among the applications received, the names of the best 12 have been selected after 2 rounds of selection by the Jury Committee of 13 members and the Advisory Committee of 15 members.

Similarly, the selection process of awards in other 9 categories is ongoing. The selection process of the first phase of Pioneer ICT Award, Entrepreneur ICT Award, Woman Icon ICT Award, Nepali Diaspora ICT Award is underway.

Similarly, the selection process is being conducted in the categories of Digital Education ICT Award Public Sector and Private Sector, Digital Governance and Digital Services ICT Award.

A jury committee of experts from different countries has also been formed for the South Asia Startup ICT Award which started this year.

This prestigious award program of Nepal has the support of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Nepal Telecommunication Authority, NAST, FNCCI and others.

This year's awards program is sponsored by InfoDevelopers and is in association with Genese.

For this award, Daraz, Presidential Business School, Broadway Infosys, Veda, King's College, Hamro Patro and others have supported and cooperated.

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