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Learner to Leader – The Journey of a Presidential Citation Winner

Learner to Leader – The Journey of a Presidential Citation Winner

For DTM Ranjit Acharya , Toastmasters has been an open university of communication, and he has been one of its most keen learners. During the Toastmasters International Convention held in Chicago in August 2018 , he was conferred with the Presidential Citation . This citation is presented to those members who have shown continual support and dedication to the organization.

Recipients of this citation are selected at the sole discretion of the International President based on the nominations received for this citation. Not all nominees receive this award of course, and when he heard about the citation, DTM Ranjit Acharya’s humility did make him question why he was awarded. This question is best answered if we traverse his historical path from being a learner in the Toastmasters journey to his present recognition as a true leader in the world of Toastmasters.

DTM Ranjit Acharya's Toastmasters journey began in1997 when he joined the Kathmandu Toastmasters club , which was the only club at that time in Nepal . In the year 2004 , he founded the second club of Nepal, the Everest Toastmasters club . Later,  from 2006-2008 , heled this club as its President . He went on to sponsor and mentor four more clubs . One of his biggest contributions to Toastmasters came in the year 2017 when heledall of Nepal's clubs in the alignment with District 41 . At this point, he was appointed as Area Director of Division I, Area 2 .

His ceaseless involvement as a Toastmaster resulted in the addition of three clubsin his term as Area Director for area I2. This augmentation was key for Nepal to be recognized as a separate Division. Currently, heleadsDivision A as  Division Director. Continuing in his spirit to expand Toastmasters, Ranjit Acharya envisions Nepal to be a separate District by the year 2020.

Quite evidently, DTM Ranjit Acharya has been consistently pro liferating the Toastmasters mission , thereby making him one of the worthiest recipients of the Presidential Citation .

His vision is not the only quality that sets DTM Ranjit Acharya a cut above the average. His merit also lies in his encouraging guidance to those who look up to him.He appeals to all of the members of District 41 to focus on the need for more youth leaders . In his opinion, in developing countries likeIndia, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Bhutan, the schools and colleges do not stress enough on communication. Thus, the people of these countries end up lacking the communication skills that are critical for being a good leader. Toastmasters , he asserts, provides an excellent platform to hone the communicationand leadership skills thorough an amazing self-learning experience.

The youth, in his opinion, must utilize this opportunity and become an integral part of this mission. Being a Toastmaster, he acclaims, can transform an individual’s personality, sharpen their abilities, and setthemon the path to success. His fervent wish for every member of the youth community in these countries is toadopt the Toastmasters’ way of exploring, discovering, and maximizing their inner potential.

We applaud DTM Ranjit Acharya, recipient of Presidential Citation , for fulfilling a leader’s promise and exemplifying the role of a true Toastmaster.

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