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inDrive Launches Officially in Nepal

inDrive is a global mobility and urban services platform, has officially launched its operations in Nepal. inDrive provides transparent conditions at the lowest possible commissions. In Nepal, inDrive has introduced a commission charge within 10% for drivers, to ensure fair and affordable rides for both drivers and passengers.

The app popularity is growing because of our unique people-to-people model and Human Driven approach. Unlike other ride-hailing apps, where algorithms determine pricing, inDrive offers a unique service by allowing passengers and drivers to independently negotiate the fare of the ride. It gives people the freedom to decide the fare of a ride and even bargain with the driver directly within the app.

With the inDrive app people can either offer a fare for their ride or choose one of the drivers offers amongst many on the basis of their Vehicle Model, Driver Rating & Arrival Time. This unique system empowers drivers to choose ride requests that suit them best, suggesting their own prices and deciding which trips to accept.

Pavit Nanda Anand, APAC Communications Lead, inDrive commented, “As a brand, at inDrive our mission is to Challenge injustice to make the world a fairer place for 1 billion+ people. We are excited to announce that inDrive is now officially in Nepal. inDrive gives freedom of choice to people all around the world. Nepal's market is extremely important for us, and we believe that our services will bring innovation and employment to the Nepali market.” 

Ms. Rita Pokhrel, Director of inDrive Nepal, added: "inDrive's officially launch in Nepal marks a new chapter in the ride-hailing industry of Nepal. We are excited to announce that inDrive, now official launch in Nepal. We have partnered with IME Pay as our payment partner to provide our users with a seamless and secure payment experience." 

inDrive Services in Kathmandu:

  • Cab Rides
  • Moto Rides
  • Delivery
  • City to city rides (Outstation rides)

Key Features:

  • Offer your fare - Find a driver who accepts your offer or accept a driver’s offer instead
  • Choose a driver - You’ll see the driver’s rating and how many rides they’ve done
  • Be secure in your choice - We verify every driver’s basic info and documents before they join the app

Safety Update:

  • Both passengers and drivers can choose whom they want to take a ride with based on their rating and the number of trips they have done before.
  • Live ride details sharing and the save our souls (SOS) button in our application during the ride.
  • Quick support to users in any unexpected situation and work closely with authorities to solve the situation quickly.

About inDrive

inDrive is a global mobility and urban services platform. The inDrive app has been downloaded over 200 million times, and was the second most downloaded mobility app in 2022 and 2023. In addition to ride-hailing, inDrive provides an expanding list of urban services, including intercity transportation, freight delivery, task assistance and courier delivery. In 2023, inDrive launched New Ventures, a venture and M&A arm. inDrive operates in 749 cities in 46 countries.

Driven by its mission of challenging social injustice, the company is committed to having a positive impact on the lives of one billion people by 2030. It pursues this goal both through its core business, which supports local communities via a fair pricing model; and through the work of inVision, its non-profit arm. inVision’s community empowerment programs help to advance education, sports, arts and sciences, gender equality and other vital initiatives.


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