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Tuesday, 26 October, 2021

Adobe releases Chrome extension for editing PDFs directly in browser

Adobe Acrobat has released a Chrome extension that allows users to access PDF-editing capabilities straight from their browsers. Users will be able to read, convert, compress, and sign PDFs without having to switch programs thanks to the new extension. Users may share files with others to collect all feedback in one place once the extension is downloaded and installed on the browser. Web pages can also be converted to PDF if you have an Adobe Acrobat DC subscription.

Google announced the introduction of Chrome extensions through a blog post on 12th of October, 2021. With the latest version, Adobe Acrobat for Chrome now functions as an online PDF editor when opening PDFs. Users will be able to fill out and sign documents, as well as annotate and draw on PDFs. They may also share a file with others to gather all input in one location. Users may utilize the Fill and Sign function in the Adobe Acrobat extension to fill out forms and add signatures without leaving the browser.

Users may also download and print documents using the free access. Users with an Adobe Acrobat Pro DC subscription will benefit from the current version, which includes new features. Converting a PDF to a Microsoft Word document from a browser, converting Web pages to PDF, and retaining the layout, formatting, and connections of recorded pages are just a few examples. I

ndividual users can purchase Acrobat Pro DC subscriptions for Rs. 3200 (tentative) each month. The annual monthly paid plan costs Rs. 1700 per month, while the yearly prepaid plan costs Rs. 1800 per month. The Acrobat Standard DC plan costs Rs. 2300 per month. For an annual prepaid plan, the firm costs Rs. 1650 per month, and for an annual paid monthly plan, it charges Rs. 1600 per month. All of the figures are estimates.

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