बिहीबार, ५ जेठ, २०७९
Thursday, 19 May, 2022

eSewa celebrates their 13th Anniversary, various offers on the line up

eSewa, a Nepalese digital wallet, has been in operation for 13 years and is now entering its 14th year. They appreciate all of their clients, agents, merchants, bank partners, sahakaris, and microfinances for collaborating with them and assisting them in maintaining their position as Nepal's number one digital payment gateway.

They've given 13,013 first-time customers a 13 percent cashback (up to Rs. 130), 1,000 new users a Rs. 130 incentive on new registration, and new referrals a Rs. 130 bonus on the occasion of their 13th Anniversary to their customers. eSewa has a market share of more than 80% of the whole online payment industry. They also have a network of more than Sixty Lakh users, more than One Lakh Fifty Thousand Agents, more than Three Lakh Merchants, Fifty-one Banks, and more than Three Hundred Cooperatives.

eSewa is able to complete more than 5 lakh transactions each day thanks to everyone's efforts. This year, they have introduced a new feature called "Secured Transfer", which allows clients to send money and also allows them to determine when the payment amount is released after they get the promised product/service from the vendor. Alternatively, it gives sellers peace of mind that the consumer has started the payment process before starting the delivery.

Any party can file a claim in the event of a dispute, and eSewa will assist the parties in resolving their dispute for a charge. This year, they also successfully implemented online payment for a variety of government services, including traffic fines, passports, and VAT. All of these services are significant steps toward the digitalization of the Nepalese economy as a whole.

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